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Welcome to Maldena

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Guide to the Old Gods

The Seven are the gods of the world that came before Maldena. Each of them have granted Adelyn a special ability that has led her to becoming the most powerful mortal being in the world.

When the Severance (an alignment of constellations that thins the veil between worlds) forced them into Aecarus, they created the race of daemons in an attempt to fill the void their old home left in their hearts. 

Some of the old gods desperately seek to return to the vibrant, resource filled Maldena, and will do so at any cost.

Mavon - The God of Death

Vhalek- The God of Chaos

Serren - The Goddess of Creation

Rhea - The Goddess of Sorcery

Starlon - The God of Darkness

Iasis - The Goddess of Light

The Seventh

Guide to the New Gods

The Elemental Gods are the entities worshipped in the new world, each the deity of one on the four angel kingdoms.

They supposedly grant certain angels the ability to command one of the four elements.

Though their influence runs deeply in the hearts of their followers, the new gods have never made themselves known. Adelyn and her daemons strongly believe their existence is a myth, though no one can say for certain.

The Lord of Flame - Worshipped by Valtea

The Lord of the Land - Worshipped by Broga

The Lord of Waters - Worshipped by Madria

The Lord of Wind - Worshipped by Cartha

Pronunciation Guide

The pronunciation of the words 'demon' and 'daemon' found in THE SONG OF FORSAKEN SOULS are both 'dee - mon'

The spelling will change based on the character narrating the chapter, and their perceptions of the daemons as a race.

** Hint: Keep an eye out for when certain characters change the spelling of the word, to see how their perceptions develop over time.

Demon/daemon = "Dee - mon"

Adelyn = "A - deh - lynn"

Draven = "Drah - ven"

Dainn = "Dane"

Iasis = "Ee - ya - sis"

Rhea = "Ree - ya"

Aecarus = "Ay - car - us"

Imphoh = "Im - fo"

Odyssal = "Odd - is - sall"

Iara = "Yar - ra"

Jarl = "Yarl"

Raeya = "Ray - ya"

Malaya = "Mal - eye - ya"

Ellyn = "Elle - in"

Reimond = "Ray - mond"

Olaia = "Ol - eye - ya"

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