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The Daemon Queen


Adelyn is our mighty Daemon Queen, and the female protagonist of THE SONG OF FORSAKEN SOULS (2023). She acts as the patron of the daemons that fall through the breaches between the worlds and find themselves in Maldena.

Fierce and often callous towards those not of her own, she aspires to build her people a safe home, vastly different to their home world known as Aecarus. Using her abilities granted to her by her Gods and Goddesses of the Old World, she grants the daemons new bodies that allow them to flourish in her kingdom.

She has little patience or love for the race of angels she was born into, and has built her own city on the outskirts of Maldena which she defends ardently. Blackthorn is a place of drinking and joy, and is fiercely protected by Adelyn and her First Line. 

But beneath the dangerous exterior, Adelyn is simply a woman striving for peace in a world of chaos. Though she does not fear to utilise her vast array of powers to harm others, she finds no real joy in doing so, often only when antagonised.

The spirits of the Seven Saints (the gods of the old world) live within her, using her as a bridge to Maldena, which was once their home. But her connection to them is also her greatest weakness, as it grants the crueller gods direct access to her mind and body. If she loses focus on blocking them out for even a moment, they will not hesitate to gain control of her.

© Robyn H. Kendall   


The Fire Drake

Untitled_Artwork 8.png

Thace is the second son of King Reimond, though he's more commonly known by the title the "Fire Drake," due his ability to command flame.

After serving in the king's place during the War of Ash and Wind, Thace quickly rose up the ranks, becoming the youngest ever General of the Valtean Peace Corps.

Unfortunately a slave to his fire elemental temper, he often loses himself to anger, remembering little of what he has done during that time... or what he has destroyed.

A dedicated servant to the Lord of Flame, Thace does his best to make up for the many mistakes of his youth, cutting down on fun, drinking... and swearing himself to celibacy. Born with the 'pristine' and 'holy' white wings of Valtean royalty, the vanity of his processors follows him like a plague.

But no matter how devoted and true he tries to be, remnants of his past self- his true self- always linger just below the surface. Begging to be set free.

© Robyn H. Kendall 


The Hunter

Untitled_Artwork 6.png

Draven is the brother and second in command of the mighty Adelyn- The Daemon Queen. They have barely left each other's sides during their long lives, acting as two halves of one whole.

Born in the daemon world of Aecarus, he fell through the breach as a youngling, where a young Adelyn and him eventually found each other. His clan are born from the Goddess of Sorcery, though his wolven forms vastly limits his abilities as he does not possess hands to conduct rituals. He can, however, sense the emotions of others, move small object with magic, and read the stars like a book.

He is The Hunter of The First Line (the queen’s set of powerful daemons tasked with defending the kingdom of Blackthorn). He is remarkable at tracking their enemies due to his heightened sense of sight, smell, and speed, and isn’t afraid to get his claws dirty for the sake of his sister.

He was forced into the form of a colossal wolf when his desire to defend Adelyn skewed the transformation process. Instead of picturing the angels as intended, the little daemon's mind strayed to the protective nature he had witnessed from the wolves of this new world, and he was turned into one as a result. Adelyn's attempts to change him again have not yet been successful.

© Robyn H. Kendall


The Master of Shadow

Thace Character Background.png

Umbra is the Daemon Queen’s very own Master of Shadows. Born of the God of Darkness, he possesses the ability to transform into black smoke that allows him to see and hear almost everything, totally unnoticed.

He joined The First Line when he followed the warmth of Maldena through a breach, and he has never looked back, dedicating his life to serving her.

He is the tallest member of the First Line, standing at 6'9", which gives his lean frame a degree of intimidation that is known all throughout the world.  Though he enjoys toying with the angels, a part of him has always longed for a place amongst them, simply wishing for a life beyond being shadow. Being invisible.

The knowledge his abilities grant him weigh heavily on him, as do the secrets he longs to share. But Umbra knows the severity of the consequences of doing so.

© Robyn H. Kendall


Captain of the Peace Corps

Untitled_Artwork 7.png

Axon is Prince Thace's gentle yet fierce second-in-command. As Commander of the Valtean Peace Corps, his devotion is not to his position, but rather to his dear friend who chose him for it. He honestly couldn't care less if the whole city burned to the ground.

Always calm and collected, Axon is able to steer his friends through anarchy. This is something that has saved the trio many times, as Thace is often blinded by anger and Lucan has the attention span of a spoon.

Growing up as an orphan, Axon has never truly found a place he belongs, living with values and beliefs that dangerously challenge the religion he was born into. His golden-brown skin is vastly different to the classic Valtean pale skin tone, making him standout even more so among his peers, though no one knows where he inherited it...

© Robyn H. Kendall 


The Mother of Minds

Untitled_Artwork 4.png

Ravenna is the best friend and Mother of Minds of the Daemon Queen. With the ability to control the minds of angels, she is a force to be reckoned with and is feared throughout the world of Maldena.

Ravenna is one of the strongest and most skilled warriors of the First Line. Born without the gift of Creation- as the rest of her clan- she had to use her skill and wit to build a name for herself amongst her people.

Ravenna joined the First Line after she fled the daemon world of Aecarus to start anew, and was surprised to not only find friends... but family.

Though she finds it hard to lower her reinforced barriers, she enjoys when someone is able to shatter them entirely. Once they break them down, they find a tender and romantic soul within.

© Robyn H. Kendall


Commander of the Peace Corps

Untitled_Artwork 5.png

Lucan is the fun-loving Captain of the Valtean Peace Corps, and loyal friend of Prince Thace. The position is really just a formality that he tolerates so he can spend his days with his best friends.

Often loud and free-spirited, he struggles to fit in amongst Valteans, who often find him 'disrupting.' Thace and Axon have never minded, though, so he's with them until the end.

Stubborn as he is humerous, Lucan acts as the glue that binds the trio together. No matter the challenge or threat they face, he will never be more than two steps behind, and always willing to go out in blazing glory for them if needed.

© Robyn H. Kendall


The Ghoul


Dainn is the untameable bloodsucker of the First Line, and the newest daemon on the team. Given his only recent arrival in Maldena, he has much to learn about this strange angel world, but he doesn't doubt for a second his family will guide him.

Given the title "The Ghoul" by the Daemon Queen, he is kept on a tight leash, as every time he is left to wander, destruction usually follows.

Born of the God of Chaos, he struggles to focus and keep his impulses in check, often finding himself in trouble. But his sheer strength and almost indestructible (or rather he's just too dumb to know he's in pain) nature makes him a key warrior amongst the First Line.

He values fun and friendship above power and vanity, and often just enjoys being around his friends without being the centre of attention. His teasing is the truest form of endearment that he knows, and he does so relentlessly to those he loves.

© Robyn H. Kendall

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